come back home.

come back home.

that’s the tagline of an orgasmic (yes… i dropped this word!) blog my friend recommended to me (just because she wanted to share some of his sleek Coke packaging designs, which are amazing!) little did she know, she discovered a fascinating blog for me to follow moving forward *teehee – thanks miss. teekah!

so, the blogger – Andrew Kim – is a student/designer apparently obsessed with photography and technology.. and to me, has a distinct flare in industrial design. SO talented and with so much potential at 18 – I’m amazed! I think what I love most about his blogs – besides his actual sketches and photography – is the way he conceptualizes his ideas. Clearly, a minimalist and an apple advocate, I love the content of his photos especially the ones on “daily life”… :)

I’m lovin’ it… Hats off to you, Andrew, I might have just become your biggest fan.

Quick sample of his photography to get you intrigued:

*please VISIT:

come back home.

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