weekend in waterloo

“Forget the air, i’ll breathe you instead… “

It was a pretty good weekend :) Stayed in Waterloo… went out for lunch at Ye’s Sushi for the first time (too $$$!)… grocery shopped, did my laundry, and totally missed Earth Hour by accident! Opps! Made my first Chinese soup – yummy yummy! Visited Cake Box for the first time too… lovely little bakery located in downtown waterloo that makes custom cakes and cupcakes! And the rest of the time was work work work… and a good conversation with friends here and there… thanks for all the company… a little mystery seems to go a long way.

p.s. I’ve learned over the weekend how much it sucks to have to live in an apartment and share laundry facilities because once in a while you’ll encounter a f**cktard that thinks there’s nothing wrong with taking your washed clothes out of the washing machine, throwing it on top of the dryer, and putting his in… without your consent. SO MAD!!!

weekend in waterloo

One thought on “weekend in waterloo

  1. Ryan says:

    hey Stranger ;) Reading your blog at work shh so don’t tell my boss =P Don’t worry about traffic, even if nobody visits your blog, I will =) its interesting

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