champagne birthday #22

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to take a few minutes at 5:30AM this morning and say THANK YOU – for making this one of thee best birthday’s I’ve ever had :) I know there are certain people that went above and beyond to ensure that I celebrated with a great big smile on my face this year and I hope you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. During my birthday, I usually have the tendency to get a little stressed out because I always want to “do something,” but it requires a lot of planning and organization on my part… this year, I thought I’d put in some extra effort despite the heavy workload at school to see how things just might turn out. To my amazement – it everything went rather smooth and it was a HAPPY twenty-two (definitely!). So.. ya, just wanted to say thanks for sticking around in my life :) Feeling the love… teehee.

Just a quick re-cap on my birthday festivities:

  • Friday: Open-house @ Laurier, represented co-op in the KPMG Atrium and spoke with a # of parents and prospective students (5-hours of standing in my heels and LOVED every minute of sharing my wonderful experiences and making an impact on others’ lives!). Then, hopped on a GO bus to Mississauga, dined with simsums & company at Canyon Creek (great meal and interesting banana/pudding cake sparkler cake?), good laughs and conversations, then off to Frequency
  • Saturday: Dancing the night away with good friends until the wee hours of the night XD … home time… exhaustion… feet hurt… sore body… and well, a night full of surprises. (don’t hold your breath for details!) Then, dinner with the family, study study study for midterm on Monday…
  • Sunday: Boo… rain… study study study for midterm Monday… and insomnia kicks in! OH but housemates came to bombard my room at midnight with a serenaded “happy birthday” followed by my “crowning” haahaa… thanks so much!
  • Monday: My actual birthday… =) midterm = over and done with by 1:45PM. rain rain rain. Hand-in 30% brand communications project. Dinner with Grace, Steven, Eddie, Eugene, Terrence, Sally & Ivan at WildCraft =) yummy yummy chicken pasta, with red wine (great choice EM!), strawberry-lemon cake from Ruelo (thanks IL), delivery of French Macaroons and snacks (*ahhhhhh squeels!), free champagne on the house from the restaurant to ring in my champagne birthday. WOW. followed by a night of boardgames at our apartment… haahaa. what a night! XD

champagne birthday #22

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