approaching sunrise

oh haahaa for the first time ever: FML
not really.
lesson learned.
do this again.
this = procrastinate, distract self, avoid work at all costs, be absent-minded at critical times in my student life, starve self, become sleep deprived… you know the drill, etc.
though, after I get ANY sleep tomorrow, or potentially the day after.
let me share my weekend with you.. because though it was probably a BIG mistake to go home – it’s too late to regret that now… ohhhh *makes gesture: gun to head* followed by KA-BOOM sound effects

UPDATE on weekend festivities:

  • home sweet home but homeworking night and day with a sum of probably 10 hours of sleep in two-days :(
  • celebration dinner with family at new restaurant next to Oasis (45 minute wait, but yummy food)
  • kid’s face ran into my hand at the restaurant described above… ugh. drool, disgusting
  • square one shopping for 45-minutes, bought a dress :) collected Sephora birthday gift woohoo
  • drove through horrible rainstorm to get hair cut… yay, no more messed up/outgrown bangs !!!
  • andddddd the end.
approaching sunrise

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