wake me up when march ends

I should hate starbucks with a passion right now because of this damned case analysis I have to do all weekend long for this organization. BUT coffee is probably going to feel like my best friend for the next week or so (IF I can survive this week…) gosh… stay awake diana… someone want to volunteer to pinch me?

P.S. I really like the simplicity of this cup design. Even if there’s a big Starbucks logo plastered in the center of it. It’s like the perfect size for my child-like hands… no jokes!

**UPDATE @ 3AM – March 14th:

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol

This is probably one of the reasons why I can sit in front of my computer or hold a print in my hand for hours just staring… and trying to recall “who” you were or who “I” was that instance someone pressed the shutter button. It might be silly for me to think “what if” at times like these, but once in a while… I still do and surprisingly, sometimes that thought is rather comforting.

wake me up when march ends

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