dear neighbour

Dear dude-who-lives-in-the-building-next-to-me,

For the past 3-months since I’ve lived in this particular building, in this particular room, you’ve been my so-called neighbour that lives only several metres away from me in the building next door. I do not know your name, nor do I know what you look like at all because I’ve never cared enough to look or put my glasses on in my room when I’m in my “comfort zone”. And every time I put up my blinds to let the sunshine into my room, you immediately pull your blinds down. Gosh…. Just so you know (which you won’t, because you won’t be reading this) I’m not “watching” you, I’m not seeing what you’re up to, I don’t really care for your existence… I just want some natural sunlight in my room because I like and need to soak in some Vitamin D.


Oh – I came across this funny illustration on face shapes :) Just thought I’d share… which one are you? haahaa.

dear neighbour

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