forward thinking

I’ve been in a ridiculously good mood lately. I think it has something to do with the beautiful sunshine we’re getting and the fact that I am just really greatful to have my voice back and am slowly (yet surely!) recovering from my infection. *whew* It was just so awful not being able to speak.. for someone like me that likes to talk all the time, it was ugh.. extremely frustrating. Now I can bug everyone again :) teehee.

Anyways, just looking ahead… March is going to be a jam packed month it seems – assignments, projects, presentations, etc. Laurier Day coming up too and the SBE co-op office asked me to be a guest speaker to talk about my co-op experiences in the program :) I’ve accepted the opportunity so far, but getting a few butterflies thinking that I’ll have to do a speech in front of so many people. Excited though, hope to leave a good impression on new students and what our program has to offer!

Following that thought about March being a busy month.. some random things I’m looking forward to “coming soon”:

SPRING. that’s right… I’m looking forward to warm weather, no more snow, s’il vous plait! sunshine, flowers, green grass, etc. i miss you dearly!

  • Champagne Birthday 22: I hope this planning doesn’t stress me out, but all I want is to have a memorable day with the people I lurveeeeee ;) that’s all I’m asking for.. that and to REMEMBER what the hell happened the next day.
  • Moving. this  probably isn’t happening anytime soon… but maybe in the next couple of months, we’ll find exactly what we’re looking for *fingers crossed* THEN, I can finally do some interior decoratinggggg~!
  • Lying on the beach on a tropical island getting tanned XD. Even though this is some time in August… I will be counting down the days to go somewhere AMAZING and having an adventure with my favourite girls :) Details are still pending, but this is definitely my “happy” thought for the next couple of months!
  • Summerlicious: I don’t care I’m going this summer. Assignments and midterms be damned.
  • Photoshoot: *shrinkie, we need to do this soon!
  • Skating Downtown: I feel like this isn’t even going to happen again this winter, but wishful thinking for now, right?
forward thinking

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