have you ever?

Have you ever met someone, in person, online, heard about, etc… and thought to yourself – “You would be perfect for _________.” I think I have. (or I mean, I think I’ve had that feeling before…) Oddly enough, it felt unsettling haahaa. Whether it’s just the way they look, or certain personality traits, or hmm just maybe something “in particular” about them that you think would just “work” well with this person you have in mind… it’s an interesting thought to wonder if these two people would ever meet in the future. Maybe sparks would fly, just as you’d imagine them to (or not?). But in some way, it’s an indication of how well you know that particular individual you have in mind… and in this case I shall admit that even if I thought I knew them, I don’t anymore. Hmmmm… ??

p.s. random track friend recommended to me… so catchy. makes me wanna dance :)

have you ever?

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