OH canada =)

So exciting to be CANADIAN these days :)
What huge wins after win after win.. going for GOLD.
Been following more Olympics while recovering at home and it’s been so spectacular!
I lurveeee watching speed skating muaha :)
Had to go out with my sister and grab some Olympics gear before they were ALL SOLD OUT.
Just managed to get a tee at Hbc in kiddy size, because NO adult stuff is left.
*WHEW* for having a petite frame. muhahaha.
Oh Canada, we’re so loving you…. best of luck boys vs. USA tomorrow…
Closing ceremonies tomorrow @ 9PM ET, I think?
13 golds to date — what whattttttt :D

*Update: CONGRATULATIONS Canadian Men’s Hockey Team – WOOHOO. what a way to end the Olympics. What an exciting game to watch, so intense, so proud, so many instant hockey fans created overnight (I’m sure!).

In celebration of the Olympics, I took some self-portraits this morning when I woke up full of energy:

OH canada =)

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