so relieved

there’s a reason why I don’t mind waiting hours on end of my family doctor of a good 10+ years now… because she can actually put my soul at ease, unlike the school doctors/nurses! Feel a lot better now, at least psychologically! Feeling slightly better physically, not really fatigued at all… getting food in my system again gives me energy. Just wish my voice sounded the same and that my throat wasn’t sore still, but oh well. Doctor said it should go away in a week or so… so in the mean time. soft foods = my best friend. mmmhmmm

sorry for the lack of updates lately =( feels like I don’t put anything interesting here anymore. BLEH. but besides recovering and lying in bed, I’ve been in Olympics frenzy, like every other Canadian haahaa. Yesterday’s women’s hockey game (Canada Vs. USA) was awesome woooot (2-0) amazzzingggg ladies. *cough no pressure boys haahaa and on top of that ladies freestyle figure skating was INCREDIBLE – everyone brought their “A” game on, which made it all the more exciting to watch. Nonetheless, huge congratulations to our beloved Joannie Rochette that received a well-deserved bronze medal, even with the tragic news of her mom passing away days earlier. What an inspiration.

P.S. Yu-Na Kim: you are flawlessssss, loved your performance, gold medal had your name written all over it from the start. Cheerio.

so relieved

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