year of the RAWR

so last year I called it year of the “moo”.
so this lunar new year, I guess I’ll call it year of the “rawr” for the white tiger :)

anyway, i’ve been reading up on horoscopes and such these past few days, just for fun seeing as how a new lunar new year is around the corner. & apparently, the mantra for the aries in 2010 is: Love will conquer all. ???

I didn’t want to copy and paste my entire horoscope, but here’s an excerpt about my love life that I found quite interesting:

“Passions abound and confound in the winter. Right from the start of 2010, you may feel as if you are moving backwards with someone, even if your romance has only just begun. Not to worry though, as the outlook brightens considerably later on in the year.

Summer may be a time of romance and something long term, loving and lasting. You may find yourself attracted to someone as fiery and adventurous as you are. Remember that it’s good to be bold but not so wise to be overly brash. Feel free to make the first move. Your charms are nearly impossible to resist.”

haahaa – not sure if I actually believe in this stuff, but if it IS written in the stars… *cough. haahaa just kidding. we will see :)

I started to watch this new drama tonight because I had nothing else better to do :) It’s called Cupid Stupid (恋爱星球人), with an interesting cast including: Steven Ma (馬浚偉),  Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) , Michael Tse Tin Wah (謝天華) among others. It’s basically like your typical love triangle TVB drama, except revolves around the ideas of astrology? teehee, funny how my friend suggested the drama to me when I was looking up my horoscope tonight. I’ve only watched two episodes so far, think I’ll continue during reading week :)

year of the RAWR

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