polaroid scarves!


Check this out: http://www.reborn.ws/shop/
I came across this magazine website called Reborn with incredibly stylish clothes.
Love the textures, fabrics, cutting, solid colours… impressed!
But of course, the clothes comes with a hefty price tag $$$

Above: Philippe Roucou’s polaroid scarf prints … I like!

P.S. Finally came home for reading week and received my free kashi cereal in the mail. WOOHOO so excited to munch on this, I’ve heard so many good things about this new cereal brand. teehee*

polaroid scarves!

3 thoughts on “polaroid scarves!

  1. mich says:

    The polaroid scarves are so creative! Hahah Me like :)

    You got the cereal too! Me too. I got the same flavor also. it’s pretty good! I think I’m definitely going to buy the larger size, for mornings when i wake up too late to make food.

    1. heehee ya, i heard about the cereal when i was working with my colleagues… sat next to our cereal marketing folks. apparently it’s really YUM. =] I’ll let you know what I think when I try it tomorrow morning.. heehee.

      1. haine says:

        If you like it a lot, take the $2 coupon they give you, and GO TO WALMART!! They are on sale for $3 bucks for the prebiotic ones (? never tried) and $3.97 for the normal ones. That makes it $2 bucks from the normal $5-6. Good deal~ It was on sale when I went friday, it might end soon =(

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