my heart’s desire

Because I don’t post often enough about food :)
I have YET to try French macaroons! They are just so lovely (at least in photographs!) I need to get my hands on some during this reading week.  This is where I need to go: High tea, anyone?

So, to satisfy your visual tastebuds:


Photographs from this awesome food blog:

SIDENOTE: Love browsing on … must check this store out next time I’m in Yorkville (which is  almost NEVER) *sigh. Anyone ever buy anything from here before???

my heart’s desire

3 thoughts on “my heart’s desire

      1. haine says:

        Haha, no idea. I haven’t really went macaron-investigating XD It was -ok- last time I went and my friend went and he said it was -ok- also and he’s much more experienced than I am so I just take his word for it. @_@

        If you find a good place, tell me XD

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