my apologies

my apologies to you (whoever you may be that comes and follows my blog!)

it’s been a hectic couple of last days trying to wrap things up before reading week! woohoo, thank goodness! feels like i’m in dire need of a “break” so needless to say, im super excited to go home and enjoy some quality time away from my to do lists.

so… what’s up lately?

1.) Super Bowl commercials – this is the first time I paid attention to when the super bowl was this year – JUST to watch the commercials (I browsed online of course… couldn’t actually sit through the entire game studying for a midterm!) nor do I really understand the rules/regulations of football – eek! I only caught a glimpse of some of them, but my favourite was the Dodge Charger “Man’s Last Stand” commercial: (

UPDATED: great song if you haven’t heard it before… love the instruments and the duet :)

2.) Sleepless in Seattle – I mean Waterloo.
 For the past week or so, it feels like I’ve been sleeping super late and by that I mean like 3AM – ugh. partially because of assignments and midterms and partially because things have been boggling my mind lately that seem beyond my control. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone invented one of those machines where if you wanted to purposely NOT think about something you could just have the machine suck the thought out of your system? There. copyrighted, my new invention. :)

Random images I’ve come across lately that I’ve been meaning to share:
THEME: Nature apparently….

Teapot by Jakob Solgren shaped like a tree :) this would go SO well with my Treeson!

They’re smushy pillows shaped like tree branches?
The baby is so cute – he’s like from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. muahaha.

my apologies

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