knorr’s salty

Brilliant! – Knorr’s Salty campaign.. I’ve watched their commercials so many times. Just so entertaining :) I love him. If you’re not too familar with the commercials I’m referring to, check this one out. One of my favourites:

I really need to get my hands on a set of the salt and pepper shakers.
You can actually get them from the Knorr website… just need to pay for shipping and handling. haahaa

p.s. congratulations to my sister for her promotion news tonight :) yayyy!

knorr’s salty

2 thoughts on “knorr’s salty

  1. haine says:

    Ohhh! You can actually get these for free if you buy 5 Knorr products… i didn’t look into how that works though, something about entering the codes online.

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