koala cookies


I used to (and still do!) love eating these little koala bears. My preference is the strawberry flavoured ones versus the chocolate (but I’m not a huge chocolate fan, that’s probably why!) But, great execution for this print ad that makes consumers LOOK AT what’s underneath or “inside” them. haahaa. Censored and all. Nom nom nom – now I really want to eat these cookies, but they’re so out of reach… *sigh.

koala cookies

2 thoughts on “koala cookies

  1. haine says:

    Your posts are making me hungry :( keke…I used to eat those when I was a kid back in Hong Kong.. well I mean I still do haha.

    1. heehee I totally need to pitstop to T&T on my way home for reading week that’s for sure =) im glad these aren’t like ONLY available overseas or something. thank goodness for imports. haahaa =)

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