define: diana

According to, let me enlighten you about what “people” (completely not credible!) think the name “diana” stands for…
(Sadly, this was rather entertaining for me tonight… HAHA! I’ve only selected the amusing ones to share, the rest are on the web, browse at your own discretion!)

1.) The most gorgeous girl you have ever seen.
She has big beautiful eyes and she is small but so cute that you want to pick her up
She smiles all the time and when she smiles it makes you want to smile

2.) A girl with big boobs and an ass, usually brunette, great in bed, and although may seem stupid at times, is very intelligent, although she herself may not realize it. For example:

“Hey, wutcha doing tonight?”
“haha, i got myself a Diana!”
define: diana

2 thoughts on “define: diana

  1. haine says:

    HAHHA Someone who adores goats…and has big boobs…akkaa

    I looked mine up, maybe I’ll post later but most of them have to do with being a whore …eek.

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