some things to think about

Laugh not! I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these statements from someone at one point or another! Maybe the next time you do, you’ll think twice to believe him/her, eh?

On a more serious note:

Gosh, before I thought ten years is a really long time… but right when I hit twenty I began to wonder where all my time went and how it’s possible that two decades have already gone by? But yes, reading this question makes me wonder who will still be in my life by then. At least I can say with some certainty that there are a handful of you that I know will still be there  (I hope!) – I mean, we’ve already shared ten years together, what’s another ten? :)

Something I’m trying to learn to do better in 2010. “Be in the moment”
(Trust me when I say it’s harder than it sounds… at least for me!)
** So, just a little reminder.

some things to think about

4 thoughts on “some things to think about

  1. haahaa except the one that’s like I’ll start a diet tomorrow. that one i’m sure all females have said at one point or another. harhar. I know I have…. eeek <3

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