Ahhh – seems these days I’ve been obsessively updating this blog out of pure enjoyment, while neglecting the more important things in life (aka. my school work!) So, I’ll have to presume my duties as a full-time student, first and foremost, and get back to “business”… *zing

Anyway – I’ve thought about the start of the new year. It’s nearly been one month of the ‘fresh’ start and so far so good. Things just seem to be moving along at its own pace and I seem to have my head on straight. And by that I really mean I know where my priorities lie and plan to make the most of it. Scary thought actually to know that in about 7-months I’ll be done university and then venturing off to paradise (*with any luck) and then, off to the working world full-time. It’s so exciting to wonder what’s “over the horizon” … some days when I’m optimistic I look forward to the GREAT things that lie ahead for me, while as other times I dread thinking about the future at all because everything seems to get more complicated when we get older – EW! The next 10-years are suppose to be life-changing! We can pretty much expect all the “major” events to happen in our life including: graduation, first job/career, travels, new relationships, marriage, BABIES, etc. WOW! so really, before I know it someone close to me is going to get hitched and I’m going to be stuck in a bride’s maid dress. HAAHAA looking forward to it. No sarcasm there – I’m serious :)

Ahh it’s 2AM, need to head to bed.
Zzz zzz – I”ll be back soon! :)
– Diana


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