the world of 100

Came across some great visual artwork by Toby Ng featuring his set on “The World of 100” – (here’s the website: Basically, he depicts interesting facts about the world if we were a village of 100 people. What a simplisitic way of communicating some neat information. Highlights for me –

If the world were a village of 100 people:

  • 7 people have computers, 93 people don’t
  • 99 wouldn’t have any education VS 1 who has college education
  • 70% of the people would be adults and 30% children
  • 17 people speak Chinese, 9 speak English, 8 speak Hindi, 4 speak Arabic, 6 speak Russian, 6 speak Spanish, 50 speak other languages

Kind of puts things into perspective and learn not to take things for granted.


In many of my marketing classes this term, we talk constantly about the revolution of social media and the impact it has had on “society”. Especially from working on a couple projects at work that involve viral campaigns, it has become a significant part of “getting our message out there” and making it meaningful to people – like you and me! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the content and if not, maybe Fat Boy Slim’s Right Here Right Now music in the background will be music to your ears.

the world of 100

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