Saw this photograph on flickr of black sesame and green tea ice cream :) Can you say mmm mmm good? Just had to share the JOY because it just looks so yummy!

Anyway, it’s been a good weekend so far… WHY you ask, let me tell you!

  • Came home to 3/6 orchid buds blooming beautifully! yay!
  • Finally got to see my specialist and she assured me that 1.) I do not have cancer and 2.) I have nothing to worry about *sigh of relief (Thank goodness!!!)
  • Finally got to renew my passport and get rid of thee awful photo I took 4-years ago! muahaha
  • After much delay, drove on the highway again this morning and it wasn’t all that bad – YAY!
  • BOUGHT A LAPTOP MOUSE (this is in capital letters because I’ve been using my touchpad for a year… sigh)
  • Spent time with my mommy :) I miss our chats when I’m away at school!
  • Was productive with getting some homework out of the way!
  • Had an insightful chat with A.T. yesterday – You are a BAD influence on me!
  • P.S. It was a beautiful day today, the weather wasn’t too cold, not too windy, super duper sunshine galore!

Updated some parts of the blog this afternoon for fun. My gosh it almost feels like having an asianavenue page again!Feel free to browse around, though pages are limited to date, but I seem to be updating frequently so: THANK YOU for visiting!

P.P.S – Cant’ wait to see the girls tomorrow and nomnomnom (aka. pig out!) on sushi :)


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