trends & chocolate

Came across a pretty neat youtube video tonight that talks about trends in 2010:
(pretty interesting… never knew some of the examples he talked about even existed around the world!)

Apparently in 2010 we can expect:
Unservicing – TRUE. there are more services now that do not have any human contact associated whatsoever!
Simpletising – seen in packaging! :) example Pepsi’s new rebranding
Greenpliances – ouioui. we’ve talked about the green movement one too many times in classes already
Rental Culture – muah never knew people could rent handbags or closets, apparently you can?
– ETC.

Also, came across this site where you can create customized chocolate bars from a company called “Chocri” … You basically get to choose your type of chocolate, add fruits, spices, nuts, confections, decor, grains, etc. to your very own chocolate bar. Seems sort of strange to me why someone would ever want to add something like ground chili, ginger, or even jalapenos to chocolate? haahaa. Anyway, just sharing because I thought the idea was pretty neat and they do seem to promote organic, fair trade chocolate from Belgium!

Here’s the site:

trends & chocolate

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