one minute rant

Do you ever have those moments where you sit back in your chair, close your eyes… and suddenly memories of one of the worst moments of your life just come flooding by to you? I have. Especially if it’s during the beginning of the day and you realize you have the rest of the day to sort of dwell about it? meh. No more bad thoughts I say… no more.

Yesterday I totally “imagined” my best friend calling to wake me up from a nap… when she never did. *freaky. Ok third week of the semester typically doesn’t stress me out THAT much to start being delusional. Eeek. Must seek more sleep or something along those lines.

Slightly less troubled about something that’s boggled my mind lately. Think my perception of you was right all along… and I just chose not to really listen to myself. It all seems to make sense though, I’m more gullible sometimes than I’d like to believe.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s much easier deciding what you DON’T want versus what you do. Then, it almost seems like a process of elimination (I mean if there’s even a choice involved!).

NTS: I need better time management skills. Not impressed at all !

one minute rant

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