red > white

Fun night :)
Just chatting without any worries…

Went out with some old friends for a couple of drinks and had this wine sampler which consisted of:

  • Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon “Vintners”
  • Ironstone Vineyards Merlot (Sierra Foothills, California)
  • Familia Zuccardi Shiraz-Malbec “Fuzion” (Argentina)

I’d have to say that the Cabernet was my favourite of the three!
I guess I have learned to develop an appreciation and “like” towards red wine, afterall.
OH – & had my first Sangria, which was rather tasty! *yum
Maybe one day I’ll learn to make it =)
Sugar minus the salt >=D kekeke
Unfortunately, the dessert at Alice Fazooli’s wasn’t as “heavenly” as I remembered it to be. =( The Tartufu I had maybe two years ago there was simply amazing, and tonight it was “mediocre”… I guess things have changed.

Hmmm also missed my bessie tonight :(


red > white

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