10 Weirdest Portable Stuff

I came across this website tonight that had a list of the “10 weirdest portable stuff”
What an amusing list… just thought i’d share:

  1. portable toilet – umm… ew?
  2. portable karaoke machine – MUAHAHA!
  3. portable toaster
  4. portable fireplace – seems slightly dangerous, but great for Canada’s cold winters!
  5. portable microwave oven
  6. portable washing machine
  7. portable bedroom – IKEA will probably be all over this soon! :)
  8. portable pizza oven
  9. portable briefcase seat – HUH?
  10. portable espresso maker

Here’s the link for further information: http://oddee.com/item_96935.aspx

10 Weirdest Portable Stuff

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