hello world

It’s nearly 1AM already… somehow and for no reason in particular I decided to start a new public blog tonight…
So, here I am trying to get used to wordpress.. seems to be going smoothly so far!

What’s new with me these days?
The start of the semester seems to be going well – EXCITED to be taking 4 marketing courses this term =) Professors seem to be pretty engaging and demonstrate an expertise in their field (which is always nice!) The move back to Waterloo was pretty good, getting along with the new housemates, and liking the new apt. Went to the gym twice already this week (yay!) hoping to continue to do so for the rest of the semester! Not too happy with the loud music/screaming voices I hear outside my window at night… but what can I do?

*UPDATED – the fire alarm in my building got pulled by some drunk folks at 3AM !!! UGH >_<“

hello world

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